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Bee Keepers and Chandlers


Authentic Period Candles
(hand dipped, poured or rolled)

21st century candles are made from various qualities of paraffin, which was developed in the early 1800s so are as unsuitable for any earlier period as is a gas or electric lamp.The only acceptable lighting fuels for older times are oil (rape, olive or whale), tallow (sheep fat is the best) and the finest in every respect, beeswax.

Purists will also insist on having correct wicking for their candles, as do museums and film makers. Modern plaited cotton wicks were developed about the same time as paraffin. Stripped rushes, flax or hemp tow and twisted cotton fibre were used before then. We make and use the right wick for all periods.

Example prices of candles (8" x 3/4" approximately):
NOTE: we are happy to make any size of beeswax candle to your specification


Beeswax dips, modern plaited cotton wicks
Beeswax dips with hand twisted flax wicks £3.25/pr
Beeswax dips with hand twisted cotton fibre wicks 3.25/pr
Other sizes (up to 24" long) to order, priced by weight.

app £25

Viking Rolled Candles (as found in Scandinavian graves)
Various sizes, with flax wicks. From 2" to 12" long, various diameters.

Individually priced

NB. We're prepared to make tallow candles and rushlights to order but they are fragile and do not store or travel well.
They are sent at your own risk. p.o.a.
Hand stripped rushes, dry.
They are seasonal (we cut them in August) and in limited supply. We encourage people to collect and strip their own.



Pictures of any stock item
can be mailed, please ask


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Authentic Period Candles
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