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Lighting accessories are important considerations for re-enactors. Except for the wealthy, lanterns and candleholders were made by local artisans with the materials to hand and individual skills. There is no standard for any item, just general trends, except that glass paned lanterns are NOT authentic for period use..

Horn paned lanterns give a beautiful glow from the lit candle inside. Every pane is different in colour, thickness and texture, each lantern is unique. What's even better is that horn is virtually unbreakable, which is why such lanterns were used into the 20th century in milking parlours and the like - until safe overhead electric lighting was installed.

Archaeological finds and contemporary records are the best guides.

We're happy to send pictures of some of the items we've made and quote for your requirements.

Most of the metal is reclaimed, the copper is not shiny but it will polish beautifully.

'Simple' Lanterns, C14th inspired
Simple lanterns are cylindrical with a conical top and open front. There is a ring on the top and a socket for a candle.
Simple Copper lanterns app 25cm high £30.00
Simple Steel lanterns app 25cm high £25.00

Horn paned lanterns (to order)
Hours of work are needed to polish the horn for the translucent panes, which is reflected in the price. Dates quoted are from the earliest records we've found.

C 15th Tankard Lantern (as drawing on Policy page)
Made from copper, cylindrical and approximately 10" x 4 1/2". The handle is on the side and horn panes all round, including in the hinged door. There is a circular ventilation hole in the flat top and a socket for a candle..

C14th copper lantern
Original in the Museum of London. Hanging ring on conical top, ring and trefoil ventilation holes in the conical top and trefoil top to the horn paned hinged door. Socket for candle.

C 17th steel lantern
Framed all round horn panes, ring on conical top, circular ventilation holes and socket for candle. From various contemporary drawings.

Ask for photographs of two versions we've made, 'Chester' and 'Blakesley' or send your own ideas for assessment.

Dark Lantern
This is an interesting article, it has an inner cylinder which can be turned to prevent the light from the candle being shone through the horn paned door, making it 'dark'. It can be turned to allow the light through of course.

It is a copy of what is said to be the lantern held by Guido Fawkes when he was arrested during the alleged Gunpowder Plot incident in 1605 but that has been disputed. The original is said to be in the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford.









Tripod Sockets (Roman British) approx 8" high




Combined Nip/Socket or Pricket, three or four metal feet or long base, approx 16" tall.




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