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Wax Chandlery and Sundries



Bone Combs
For the fastidious Anglo Saxon or Viking, based on finds from Jorvik and accurately made to your specification. Up to 6" long is possible, with or without a matching case. The decoration will be to your design and unique to your comb. Usually we use copper rivets but iron is an alternative.

Because of the number of hours involved in making these combs they are not cheap but they will be the envy of everyone and a real talking point for the public. They also make a perfect gift for the Viking who has everything. Prices start at £40.00 for a 4", simple, uncased but working comb.

Occasionally we have (new) combs with damaged teeth, from lO% off. They look like finds.

price according to size
Wooden Combs
Copied from a C15th find, these are double sided with short teeth. They work, though.


Bone Tweezers/Ear Scoops

Beautifully made working reproduction, suitable from AD1 to 1500
All different designs.

Mediaeval Scalpel (made to order)

Antler or bone handle and hardened, very sharp, blade (not a modern commercial one).
Age restrictions apply.






Authentic hinged wooden pince nez style spectacle frames in a variety of timbers, for round lenses prescribed by your optician or from an old pair. We will cut supplied lenses (at your risk and a small cost) if required. These must be described as 'theatrical props'.

: unsuitable for astigmatism prescriptions.

Wooden spectacle frames




£12.00 pair

Horn Spectacle Frames £40.00 pair

to fasten your garment, whether Roman, Dark Age or Mediaeval - or even for the fashion conscious C20th wearer. The pins are all different, between
4" and 7" long.  


naturally curved and naturally coloured, white, cream, brown and black. 


Brass 'Ring Pins'

Brass Penannulars, small and plain, about 1 1/2" diameter
(larger sizes to order)





brass and copper, for writing on wax tabulae, plain
£4.00 each

Mediaeval Dress Pins

Various glass bead or amber heads on brass wire

Coiled wire heads on brass wire




Antler Toggles
Ideal for fastening boots and bags
50p each

Dice: Bone, Antler or Horn
with period (varied) numbering schemes as finds

Horn Shaking Cup
(small beakers, not guaranteed watertight)


Turned Horn 'tots' (watertight)

£2.50 each

£6.00 each



Folding brass and copper scales based on Jorvik finds

As above based on Birka find, with weights



Brass Chain - unwelded, not easy to find but with many uses. £1/yard

Roman hair pins in bone, turned, variety of designs

E-mail for pictures of anything you'd like to see!

 £5.00 each



Textile Sundries
Personal Accessories
Authentic Period Candles
Lighting Accessories