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Wax Chandlery and Sundries


We enjoy the challenge of re-creating ordinary life in other times. To achieve the most satisfying results we continue to research from original documents and archaeological finds, we believe that we can provide authority for all the products we make but we don't know everything.

Our range has developed and increased by making things for our own use and others wanting some for themselves. This is pleasing and encourages us to look for authentic alternatives, there's nothing worse than seeing everyone with identical kit.

Because we make goods in the traditional manner, according to personal skills and knowledge, available materials, contemporary technology and the lack of a British Standard for any item, everything is different yet all are functional.

Our special pleasure is to make items according to your own needs. We will quote a price for your idea if you send a picture with dimensions and required materials but time must be allowed for their making.

Malcolm is prepared to make any small item in bone, horn, antler, wood or metal. Mary's skills are limited to producing and refining beeswax to the highest standard and making wax candles and other things in this delightful, fragrant natural material which is, importantly to us, also sustainable.

We've tried to keep this site simple and quick to download but we're prepared to e-mail pictures of the things we've made, please ask.

We're always happy to discuss our products and take orders by telephone or e-mail.

Mary and Malcolm Fisher


Why "Sweetness and Light"?

Instead of dirt and poison we have rather chosen to fill our hives with honey and wax, thus furnishing mankind with the two noblest of things, which are sweetness and light.

The Bee, Battle of the Books - Jonathan Swift

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