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Wax Chandlery and Sundries


Bone and antler Sewing Needles
Ideal for sewing woollen cloth - the fibres glide apart instead of being pierced as they are with metal needles. A joy to use. Sizes vary from small to darning size.

£ 2.75 each

Bone Knitting Needles
Double ended, up to 8" long. Diameters (thickness) are approximately SWG or modern, metric sizes, up to about 3mm.

£3.00 each

Nåhlbindning bodkins (pronounced norl-bin-dning)
The famous Jorvik sock (and mittens and hats and purses and whatever you can think of) can be reproduced with practice, a length of preferably home spun wool and a large bone needle. Dark Age women who want to impress others and the public should learn this skill and keep a nåhlbindning needle to hand. Finished items are waterproof and durable, they could last a thousand years!

£2.75 each

Brass Sewing Needles
not as satisfying as bone but unbreakable and easier to use on closely woven linen fabric

£ 1.50 each

Brass Sewing Needles - stouter with bigger eye

£ 2.00 each

Brass Pins
Machine made but they look better than steel ones for your public sewing.

20p for ten

Brass Hooks and Eyes
Hand-made, heavy or medium wire 50p/pr

Traditional style and different lengths, hand-made to your specified size if required. These are indispensible for holding yarn for all kinds of small weaving especially tablet and inkle, and look the part for Living History presentations. Netting is another useful skill which only needs string, a short length of wood or bone and a shuttle and will add to your repertoire for demonstrations. See Basic Instruction Leaflets below.

Wooden Shuttles
In a variety of native timbers, up to 8" long, 1" wide.


Copper Alloy Shuttles
For very fine work. Load them with silk and you can make the most delicate hairnets to contain your locks authentically.

As shown in Museum of London Dress Accessories


Bone Shuttles
Up to 8" long, smooth and elegant



Weaving Tablets
2" square with rounded corners and made from the finest plywood. They are especially desirable for the advanced weaver who is wanting to make a wide band or a complicated design. There is a hole at each corner and marking for the first hole if you require.

£5.00 / ten

Lucet braid making is simple and produces any length of useful decorative c
ord, ideal for points, purse strings etc. The public enjoys seeing the process, it is simple enough for children to do and parents often want to buy a lucet to take home.

£ 3.00 each

Linen Thread on Wooden Hand-made Reels
Approximately ten ells ( 1 ell = 45")

(Bees) waxed £1.50
Plain £1.25

Empty Reels,
various timbers (no hole in centre, unsuitable for sewing machines!)

75p each

Needle Cases
Wooden cylinder with hollow centre shaped like three spools for holding thread.


For drop spinning, Spindle only

from £2.50

various whorls are possible, including wood, lead and polyphant.

wood from £2.50 lead from £2, polyphant (Cornish soapstone) from £5

Small Heddles
For narrow tape or bands, suitable for teaching basic weaving. The price is 50p per slot.

according to size from £5.00 each

Peg Looms
For simple or textured weaving. About 24" long with 29 or 31 pegs.


Inkle Looms - small
Maximum warp length 53" (finished woven length shorter), maximum 3" wide. Because of the
loom's small size the weaving can be carried in
a bag and taken anywhere for demonstrating.


Yarn Winders
2" square with rounded indents, made in plywood. Ideal for thicker woolen yarns than the reels but can also be use for long lengths of linen and silk.


'Trollen' Wheel
These are about 2 - 3" diameter, made in stout leather with approximately 30 slots round the outside and a hole in the middle. With coloured yarn you can easily make strong, stunning braided cords which have many uses.


E-mail for pictures of any stock items




(For Absolute Beginners!)

Inkle Weaving 25p

Simple Heddle Weaving 25p

Lucet Cord 25p

Nåhlbindning 25p

Two Fingerloop Cord 25p

'Five' Fingerloop Braid 25p

Peg Loom Weaving 25p

Making Rushlights 25p

Drop Spinning 25p

Netting 50p

More Advanced Netting 50p

Tablet Weaving 50p

'Trollen' cord 50p


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